People help express themselves by many things, if it’s the way they do their hair, how they dress, if it’s through music or art. Each personality is different based on life style, family and friends. When shooting these photos I was aiming to display different types of shoes, by comfort or style.

Shoes can describe pretty much anything. For example running shoes can describe athleticism, or comfort. Toms or Sperry’s display a sense of style, but shoes are more than brand names, the design themselves could hold a deeper meaning to the person who wears them.

Shoes to me are more than just something to keep your feet warm or protect them from the heat or sharp objects on the ground, but a symbol of someone. When I see heals I think of elegances, class, and power. It could mean different to someone one else if they see it from a different perspective. Shoes can also show the difference in generation, like when someone says you have grandma shoes; you picture old, weird looking shoes.

Shoes can also be like an accessory to a girl, changing them with every outfit that matches. It is perceived that way because of movies or pictures or your friend’s closet, they literally have shelves of different types of shoes ranging from sandals to wedges, running shoes to boots, and flats to high heels. But it can also ranges to how they feel.

At the schools of Harlingen it displays a sense of who has money and who doesn’t. When you see a cheerleader or football player, you see them wearing the new trend that’s in while if you look at someone who is in a gang they have high tops they’ve had for a couple of years. By looking at their shoes can tell a lot of whom the person is, but first impressions could be wrong.


Miranda is sixteen year-old junior in highschool that has high goals for herself. She is currently ranked number 13 in her junior class. Her ambition is to become an anesthesiologist which is a physician trained  in anesthesia and perioperative medicine or a physical therapist, a profession primarily concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention.

When it comes to looking up to someone, Miranda Garcia, looks up to her father as her hero. Her father is the solid foundation in her life. In of time of need, her father was always there for her growing up, when she played sports he was always supporting her, when she needed help with homework, he would help her. Miranda looks up to him because she see the qualities she want to have for herself. Having a passion for anything is very important because it is a strong amorous feeling or desire, it is what drives you towards your goals. Miranda’s passion is playing the sport volleyball, due to an injury that took place last year, she is unable to participate in the sport. Her success comes from other people’s success because it has inspires her to make something out of her life.

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There are three types of journalism: news, features and editorial. From what I learned new has timelines, presents factual information, and objective and has no opinion or conclusion included. Normally news is used to inform people of what recently happened. Features presents factual information, can be with or withou timeliness, focuses on people or acitivites of interest, and not always tied to specific events. Features, would be used for documantry. Editorials usually has timeliness, it’s the opinion or position of the writer or editorial board, it’s usually factual but highly opinionated and one-sided in oreder to make a point. Editorials could be find on reviews on movies or books.

There are negatives and positives about each of theses types of writing. For instance, news is that its informative, but sometimes not very intresting. Features stories presents factual information, but it isn’t always tied to specific events. Last but not least, Editorials are usually timeliness but they are very opinionated and usually one-sided.

This photos isn’t relevent to us now, but it was when it was taken in 1998-1999. It’s impartial because it is about blind children in Sierra Leone, and how they live

Fans in a Flashbulb

Pep Bonet, Kinny Mattia tries to feel the morning light. “Milton Margai” is the only school for the blind in Sierra Leone. Approx. 85 children, 4 to 18 yrs old, study and live here. In 1998, when RUF-rebels attacked Freetown, the school had to be evacuated. In 1999 it was bombed. Some of the children lost their sight because they were brutalised by the rebels. Early dawn, June 15, 2002 (2012.27.1)

Pep Bonet, Kinny Mattia plays the piano. Milton Margai School for the Blind. Children learn to play music: drums, piano, flute, and they learn singing. As street musicians, some children could make a small living for themselves, April 15, 2002 (2012.27.2)

Pep Bonet, A player kicking the ball during the game. War amputees soccer team. This soccer team was established in February 2001 and is made up of 22 players, all residents of Murray Town Camp for…

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I am from Harlingen,  Texas. I’m interested in photojournalism because i lovet to take pictures and be able to write about it.

At first i’m a shy and tight person but when i start getting comfortable i tend to be more loose and talkative. I’m very athletic, right now I’m currently involved with 3 varsity sports which are soccer, volleyball, and track.

In my future I see myself attending Texas A&M, College Station to become a veterinarian and after to start a family.